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Doing social right

Crafting the audience you want with just three key things

If you are an entrepreneur and pay any attention to the business-coach elites - or have paid any attention at all over the last decade - you will recognize that we've been collectively beaten about the head over the importance of an online, social presence. It would be difficult to find any real advice out there saying that it might actually be better not to utilize any or all of the free or nearly free platforms to promote your product, business or self for that matter. However, for many despite knowing that they should do something, most don't know where to start or are quickly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content needed to keep the social machine chugging along.

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The Power of Personal Relationships

How a trip to Spain changed the way I do business-and the way I live my life

March 2016 was a pivotal point for me not just in terms of business, but in terms of being a human and as we know the two are inextricably linked.I tell this story even though it makes me feel a little stupid or naive. I always feel insecure talking about this experience because it plainly admits just how wrong I was and how skewed my thinking was at the time. However I am grateful for this experience - maybe more than anything else I've experienced so far - as it completely changed the way we do business, and the way I live my life.

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Technological saturation and the drive for things tangible

The rise of craft beer, foodie culture and beard oil

We're human. And while we aren't given a handbook at birth with all the how-to's needed to successfully maintain ourselves, there are many truths that have emerged over millennia. We know we need to eat, sleep, drink, fuck, run, breathe and so on. And we know it because, if we go without any of those needs for too long, there is an insatiable hunger that comes over us and compels us to take action. To scratch the itch. These internal drives have informed the way humans have built the world around them. Nearly everything is designed and manufactured to satisfy a craving or a need - or a perceived need anyway. Our desires inform nearly every decision we make at any given time, and while they can be influenced by external stimuli, we are generally making choices that we at least believe will serve our need, whatever it may be.

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Remote but not alone

Building quality relationships and combating loneliness while working remote

Working remotely is becoming commonplace among today's technologically saturated workforce. With giant steps forward in technology and infrastructure providing mobi-workers with free (or nearly free) high-speed internet access virtually anywhere on the planet it's now easier than ever to work away from work.

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The art of the steal

Creative approaches for dealing with a client who refuses to pay, before and after the fact

If you have worked as a freelancer or contractor in a creative trade, you no doubt recognize what your client may be telling you without actually saying anything. Hell, while this is common in the creative world anyone who has spent any amount of time in a service business —where you're trading time for money—can relate. The silent treatment nine times out of ten can only mean one of two things: Your client is either on an extended vacation in the Dominican Republic (avoid the mini-bar!) OR your client is out of here and has no intention of paying you for that brand identity you've been killing yourself to finish on the unrealistic deadline they gave you.

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40 is the new… Well, 40.

The subject of age is a perennial one. I'm too old to… That's a young man/woman's… If only I was in my 20's I'd… But I have good news for you my friends. Studies show that in the immortal words of Aaliyah - Age Ain't Nothing But A Number.

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Does it make you money, or does it make you happy?

Listen, I anticipate that as I continue to work on writing with regularity there will be a few "do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do" type articles - like this one. In all likelihood, I'll be metaphorically showing my belly a lot, calling out my weaknesses then telling you to do something that I am notoriously bad at doing myself. That doesn't mean this is bad advice, however, or that somehow I'm not the best person to give it to you. While I don't always practice what I preach - sometimes I'm lazy or cop-out— I'm a pro in a lot of respects and people often ask my advice. Seriously, they do. In my experience, it seems that we too often fall short on the fundamentals in business and in life so I think it's important to spend a little time hitting topics that seem simple on their faces but are commonly mishandled. Hence, today's topic…

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It's OK. Give up on your dreams.

Sitting in a 95ºF arena with sweat dripping from all the godforsaken parts of my body I find myself listening intently to my nephew, Anthony Martinez as he is delivering his graduation speech to the student body as his school's valedictorian. He is not a super talkative guy generally speaking, but nonetheless he's mustered the energy to nervously address the parents, grandparents, cousins, brothers and sisters who have come out to celebrate this pivotal moment in the life of their respective graduate. He begins by delivering the business-as-usual thanks and platitudes to his comrades cracking some jokes along the way to scattered hoots and hollers from the stands. But then his tone changed and the message he chose to leave his classmates with is "It's OK. Give up on your dreams."

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Change is good

How to make a successful jump from a traditional working relationship to a flexible and rewarding remote career

You’ve all heard the saying before from the French Scientist Jean-Baptiste Leroy, “but in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Said even more concisely, I believe that there is only one constant, and that is change. As we all know, change can be a force hard to reckon with. Not usually because its physically hard or strenuous—although I suppose it could be—but because it’s scary. And that fear is often the one thing getting in the way of our achieving our fullest potential. An example of this might be when an individual aspires to change careers.

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The B.R.E.A.D. method

A quick and delicious approach to building quality business relationships

Everywhere you look these days, people are espousing the importance of relationships. Moments later, they begin telling you how to hack, trick, or 10-step your way into one. It’s true, relationships are the key to just about everything one might hope to achieve in life, so it’s a no-brainer that much is written about them. However, despite many articles to the contrary, there are no shortcuts. You can’t fake authenticity and relationships that mean something require it.

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